3 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Get Your Dog Groomed Regularly

It is very important that you take your dog into the groomers to get groomed regularly, especially if he has longer hair. The groomers will take great care to make sure that your dog is bathed, his nails are trimmed, his coat is cut, and he is otherwise clean and well cared for. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons why you should get your dog groomed regularly. 

1. To Kill Bacteria, Yeast, and Mites In Your Dog’s Ears

Because your dog’s ears are an open entrance into their body, it is very easy for them to get dirty and infected. If your dog’s ears remain unclean for a long period of time, bacteria can get into their ear and cause a painful infection. Yeast infections in your dog’s ears can occur due to an object getting trapped inside, a ruptured eardrum, a tumor in the ear, and various other reasons, and they create scabs on your dog’s ear. Your dog can get mites from other animals, which will cause severe itching in their ears, which then causes pain. In all of these scenarios, having your dog groomed will help you to either fix the problem, or find out that there is a problem. To clean your dog’s ears, the groomer will carefully use warmed alcohol on a Q-tip or cotton ball to carefully clean out the ear. 

2. To Keep Their Private Areas Clean 

Not only is your dog more susceptible to infections when their private areas aren’t groomed and cleaned regularly, but other problems can result from this as well. Problems such as bladder infections can occur if they are not clean in this area, causing them unnecessary pain and discomfort. Also, if your dog has hair that is matted with fecal matter around their anus, they will have an incredibly hard time going to the bathroom. This can then make them extremely ill, and can lead to further health complications. Simply taking your dog into the groomer to have their private areas cleaned and trimmed can help you to avoid all of these problems. 

3. To Avoid Matted Hair and Knots

Matted hair and knots on your dog’s body can cause them a lot of pain, and they will like try to bite at them and scratch them often. Knots around the ears and on the feet can especially irritate your dog. These knots and matted areas of hair often times need to be completely shaven off to entirely get rid of them, which the groomers can easily do with a dog trimmer.