Pros And Cons Of Pet Boarding Facilities

Pet boarding facilities are a popular option for keeping your pet safe while you’re out of town. If you are considering pet boarding as an option, this list of pros and cons should help you make your decision.

Pro: Animal Knowledge

Each pet care facility has a mix of veterinarians and trained staff with animal knowledge. They will be attuned to your pet’s needs, and should your animal get sick while you’re away, the staff can provide medical treatment.

Pro: Implements Safety

A pet boarding company will also use certain safety measures to prevent your pet from escaping. For instance, fiberglass walls can provide a good barrier and easy options for keeping an eye on pets at all times. A good pet facility should also have gates in place to keep pets inside.

Pro: Guaranteed Attention

With a pet sitter, you may not be able to guarantee that your pet will get adequate walks, grooming, and attention. Most boarding facilities, however, will guarantee you a certain level of service, such as two walks per day and one bath per week. You can visit a pet boarding facility to see the staff in action and make sure that they are paying adequate attention to all of the animals.

Potential Con: Other Animals

Your pet will be staying with other animals, which presents a few risks. If your pet is not comfortable around other animals, you may want to take the pet into the boarding house ahead of time to check the pet’s anxiety levels. Be sure to ask the facility how they deal with behavioral issues to keep pets safe, and what they would do if your pet is extremely homesick.

Since exposure to illness is another possibility, talk with the staff’s vet beforehand to see what vaccines they recommend. You may also want to know how they segregate sick animals, and how they separate high-risk and exotic animals to keep your pet safe.

Potential Con: Interrupting Your Pet’s Schedule

Before you check your pet into a boarding facility, you’ll want to check what their daily routines are like. Changes in schedule can stress your pet out, so you may want to look for a boarding facility that can match your home routine.

Overall, pet boarding facilities can be a great option for accommodations, as long as you communicate with the facility and get your pet’s needs met. Do your research and ask for a vet’s recommendation before choosing a boarding service.