Healthy Kitty Happy Kitty: 5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Healthy Kitty

Your child has requested a kitten. After determining that they were mature enough to care for a pet, you’ve decided to fulfill their request. Since you’ve always been a dog person, you have no idea how to choose a healthy kitten. Before you go out and choose the first kitten you find, here are top to bottom instructions for choosing a healthy kitty.

Bright Eyes

When choosing a kitten, you should look at the eyes first. A healthy kitten will have bright, clear eyes. There won’t be any discharge around the eyes. The third eyelids that fold into the corner of the eyes should be tucked away so you can’t see them.

Clean Ears

Take a look inside the kittens’ ears. They should be clean. Discharge or crusty buildup near the inner ear canal could signify an infection. Watch the kitten for a few minutes. Does it shake its head or scratch at its ears? If it does, it could have ear mites that will require extensive treatment to get rid of.

Moist Mouth

A kitten’s mouth should be pink and moist. The gums should fit snugly around the teeth and not have any inflammation. A healthy kitten should have white teeth. There shouldn’t be any buildup on the teeth at all. Their breath should smell fresh. Pale, inflamed gums and foul breath could signify dental problems that will require treatment.

Clear Nose

Look at the kitten’s nose. Is it clear and moist? Or, is there a discharge coming from the nose? If the kitten has a discharge coming from its nose, and it’s coughing or sneezing, it may have a serious illness that will require veterinary assistance.

Dry Tail End

The tail end is the final area you should inspect before choosing a kitten. The tail and rectum should be clean and dry. There should not be any sigh of fecal matter. If the kitten you have chosen has a damp tail, look at the rectum. If that area is moist or you can see fecal matter, you should consider choosing another kitten. It may have an issue with its scent glands – or anal sac.

If you’re preparing to add a kitten to your family, you need to choose wisely. Choosing a sick kitten could result in veterinary bills that you weren’t expecting, or worse – having to deal with the passing of the kitten shortly after bringing it home. If you have questions or concerns about a kitten, have a cat clinic do a well-kitten check for you.