Three Ways To Make Sure Your Flea Drop Treatments Are As Effective As Possible

One common means of controlling fleas on cats is through flea drop, also known as spot-on treatments, which are applied to the cat’s skin at the base of the neck. While these treatments can be highly effective when used properly, applying them and using them properly is not always as easy as you might assume! Here are a few tips for ensuring your flea drop treatments are as effective as possible at eliminating the fleas on your cats.

Have someone help you.

The instructions on these treatments will generally tell you to part the hair to ensure you apply the medication to the skin, rather than getting it all over the hair. This is tough to do with only two hands, especially if you have a cat that likes to wiggle all over. Wait until you have a helper around to assist you in applying the treatment. Have the helper hold the cat while you part the hair with one hand, and squeeze on the treatment with the other hand.

Keep your cats separated after applying the drops.

If you have more than one cat, keep them in separate rooms for a few hours after you apply the drop. Some cats, particularly those that are very close with each other, may groom one another, licking off the flea treatment. Not only will this render the treatment less effective, but it can also cause illness in the cats. Watch to see when the treatment has dried and dispersed. When you no longer see it on the cat’s neck, you can let your cats interact with one another once again.

Treat all cats in the household.

Just because only one cat is scratching or showing signs of a flea infestation does not mean you can get away without treating the other cats. Even if these other cats are flea-free right now, they are likely to become the new favorite hosts of the fleas once you treat the cat that is currently suffering. Apply flea treatments to all of your cats on the same day for the best results.

There are several different types of spot-on flea treatments available, and some may be more effective than others, depending on the environment you live in and how heavily infested your cat is. Talk to your vet, visiting pet healthcare sites like, to determine which treatment is best for you. He or she may also have some additional tips to help you ensure your spot-on flea treatment is a success.