Getting Your New Kitten Used To Her New Home

Bringing a new kitten into your home can give joy and laughter to your entire family. A cuddly, curious kitten can be very exciting, but you need to handle her right so she gets used to the new environment. Read on to learn the special care your new furry friend may need in during the first days at home so as to quickly adapt to her new surroundings,

Bringing the kitten home safely

Kittens are often panicky when they are first separated from their mom and littermates, so you need to take the time to make them feel comfortable by being gentle and carrying them in a well-ventilated container that makes them feel secure.

For instance, use a carrier that has been lined with soft, clean towels to give the kitten a warm, cozy resting place and help absorb any accidents the kitten might have if they are excessively fussy on the way home.

It also helps to ensure that a new kitten gets tested for diseases before bringing them home, for their safety and the safety of other pets you may have in the house. Ensure that your new kitten gets tested for diseases such feline leukemia and vaccinated against parasites before joining the rest of your feline family. 

Introducing the kitten to the your home

Once you get the new kitten home, place her carrier in a quiet space and let her stay in there until she’s ready to come out. Even when she ventures out, be sure to leave the carrier open, as it provides a familiar hiding spot where she can retreat to whenever she feels threatened.

Before introducing the new kitten to your family, it is important that you give her time to adapt to the new environment. You can do this by keeping her in an isolated room or space for a few days to give her time to relax and get confident in her new home.

Offering hiding spots such as empty cardboard boxes can give the kitten a safe place to retreat to when sleeping or feeling anxious. You should also remember to provide food, water and a litter box that you will clean daily to help her adapt to a regular routine of feeding and using the litter box in a safe space.

Once the kitten gets comfortable in her new room, you can then let them venture into other rooms, but be sure to leave her familiar items such as food and litter box in the same spot so she has little trouble finding them. For additional information about taking care of your cat, contact an veterinarian or animal hospital in your area.