About Allison Wilson

Dogs cheer you up when you’re down and turn a bad day into a good one. I know this personally because I have four fur kids at home. They used to pile up to greet me each evening when I get home from work. However, I started experiencing all kinds of problems with my pack while I was away at work. I’d return to find toilet paper shredded throughout the rooms. I lost two whole couches to the anxious chewing of my four favorite dogs. I realized I needed to find some way to keep them busy and happy while I was gone.

At first, I hired a dog walker to drop by and take them out once a day. It helped some, but my pups were still anxious by the time I got home. My friend finally told me about a dog daycare facility she used for her pet. I thought the idea was a little silly at first. After I dropped them off for a day, I became a believer. They were so much better behaved and calmer when I picked up up after work. If you’re new to the concept of daycare for dogs, let me introduce you to the basics.