Help Yourself with the Various Dog Daycare Services

Each daycare decides what services to offer. However, most of them provide everything you need for a happy dog. Some big boarding centers even include vets on staff for immediate medical attention. Look for a dog daycare offering at least one of these helpful services.

Exercise and Supervision

All dog daycare centers offer some kind of daytime attention. Most of them let play groups of compatible pets frolic together in enclosed yards. Others provide long walks multiple times per day. Supervision from a skilled caretaker prevents fights and dominance conflicts between dogs in a play and walking group.

Obedience Training

Check what kind of obedience training is available from your favorite daycare. If you’re already leaving your pet there for a few hours at a time, it’s a good opportunity for behavioral modification. The attention of a skilled trainer can put an end to annoying barking and jumping problems. They can also help your pet learn fun or useful tricks.

Overnight Care

Not all daycare centers provide long term care. Some do, and they usually give better care than boarding kennels. Ask your caretaker about boarding when you need to head out of town for a few days. The extra attention and time out of the cage will keep the pet happy during your trip.


If your dog daycare offers grooming, you can pick up a clean and freshly trimmed pup at the end of the day. Spend less time traveling between different service providers by finding a center offering it all in one place.

Shop around to find a place with numerous services all under one roof. Even if you already know a good groomer or an independent trainer, switching to a single provider saves time and money. Some daycares give discounts on packages that include training, grooming, and care.