How to Find a Dog Daycare You Can Trust

Before your drop your canine companion off at any old daycare, interview the caretakers and tour the facility. There are a few reliable signs of a quality care facility. Do a little investigation work first to make sure you can trust the people caring for your dog while you’re away.

Meet the Caretakers

Check out the training and qualifications of the employees working with the dogs. Each worker needs at least basic training in understanding and controlling dogs. They need to know the signs of a fight before it gets to the growling stage. The center should employ at least one caretaker for each 10 to 15 dogs.

Plenty of Space

Each dog at a center needs at least 100 square feet for themselves. Check that kennels and yards for play groups offer lots of space. Overcrowded dogs get anxious and tend to snap at their favorite friends. See if the facility looks and smells clean. Daycare centers usually need cleaning at least twice a day to stay sanitary. Ask about their flea control plan to make sure you don’t end up with pests coming home with you.

Admittance Rules

Good centers are picky about the dogs they accept for care. Look for a daycare that requires health records from the vet and up to date vaccinations. The best facilities also test the behavior of each dog to see if they’re aggressive over food, toys, or towards other animals and people. Only well-behaved and social dogs should spend time in a place like a daycare.

Ask to visit and view the play group during your dog’s first trip. Daycare centers with nothing to hide are happy to let owners observe the dynamics. Once you’re sure your pup is fitting in well with the new group of friends, you’ll know you’ve found the right place.