Three Dog Daycare Benefits for the Busy Pet Owner

Dogs first became man’s best friend because they’re very useful animals. The earliest canines were hunting companions and guards. While they’ve changed a lot since those early days, the instincts to hunt and guard remain. Sending your pup to a constructive and engaging environment is better than letting them get bored while home alone.

Vacation Care

Engaging daycare settings work better than cage kennels for vacation boarding. The staff can play with and walk your pet while you relax on a beach. There’s no need to worry about your dog’s condition when you’re gone.

Staying Busy During the Work Day

Dogs need hours of exercise and attention each day. If you lack the energy and time at night for long runs, a daycare prevents your dog from getting aggressive or bored. You may not need daycare every weekday just to keep your friend well-behaved. Two or three visits a week make a big difference in a dog lacking daytime attention.


Canines run in packs, but many modern owners only want a single pet. A dog daycare is the perfect place for your pup to get some new friends. Humans can never completely replace companionship from the same species. If your dog has no aggression issues with fellow canines, they should integrate well into a mixed play group. The daycare is a good place for the pet to get human socialization as well. However, it’s not usually a good idea for dogs with serious trauma from abuse. Watch out for bad reactions to other animals and unfamiliar people too.

You can always try out a daycare for a few days and see how it causes your pup to react. If you notice an increase in bad behaviors instead of an improvement, consider an alternative. A private pet sitter works better for dogs that can’t handle pack interactions.